For more than 30 years Ivap has been a reputable supplier of aluminium doors for the benefit of cultivation under glass. The developments in relation to cultivation under glass ask for a continuous adaptation of our delivery programme to what our customer wishes for. As far as the development of our products is concerned, the technical but certainly also the aesthetical aspect of our products is of great importance nowadays.

We deliver custom-made products of high quality at a very competitive rate. Our doors stand out because we choose a more solid profile. Because of this, our doors are more stable and firm. Therefore the relation between price and quality, compared to doors with a less solid profile, is much more favourable. To make it possible to be of service to our current as well as our future customers, we keep developing new products and services.

The development of the “Greenguard”, our electric door automaton, is a case in point. Our own staff is in charge of the further development of this product, which complies with all guidelines.

We feel very strongly about service. Because of our knowledge and flexibility, we are able to be of service to our customers on short notice the moment a calamity occurs. We will do everything we can to help a customer with a problem immediately, either by a prompt repair or by means of a temporary solution. In the past the demand for the cutting and typesetting of aluminium products has risen. We have a work bench at our disposal, with which it is possible to cut/typeset to a length of 4000 mm.