Our delivery programme consists of:

  • Manufacture and delivery of all sorts of sliding doors, revolving doors, flight doors and hoisting doors for all kinds of use.
  • Manufacture of electric door automatons, “Greenguard” for the benefit of our complete door supply.
  • Carrying out precautionary maintenance in relation to our Greenguard electric door automatons by means of a service agreement.
  • Aluminium sheet iron work, like cutting and typesetting until a length of 4000 mm.

Manufacture and delivery of all sorts of doors:

Sliding doors

We deliver custom-made products of high quality at a very competitive rate. Our doors stand out because we choose a more solid profile. Because of this, our doors are more stable and firm. Therefore the relation between price and quality, compared to doors with a less solid profile, is much more favourable. Depending on what our customer wishes for, sliding doors can be delivered including or excluding assembly. Furthermore, we deliver the Greenguard electric door automaton, which automatically opens and closes the sliding doors.

Sliding doors are available in natural aluminium and in any colour.

Revolving doors

Like the sliding door, the revolving door from our delivery programme is of high quality. Depending on what our customer wishes for, revolving doors can be deliver with or without frame and including or excluding assembly. It is also possible to supply the revolving door with an electric door automaton.

Overhead doors

The overhead doors are in model which can be controlled both manually as automatically. These can be remotely controlled from your forklift truck or picking carts. Automated table transfer is absolutely no problem for our overhead doors.

High speed doors

These are especially suited for quick passage of forklift trucks because of the sensors and remote controls.

Flight doors

The regulations with regard to flight doors declare that there have to be enough escape routes. In our delivery programme a flight door is included, which meets the current requirements. It is possible to deliver these doors with panic locks and the like.

Hoisting doors

It often occurs that during the production process the wish comes forward to let the supply and transport of crops and/or material simply take place through a hatch instead of a large door. By using a hatch, the loss of heat will be restricted to a minimum.


The “Greenguard” is our electric door automaton, which can be used on all of our doors and hatches. We have various versions of the “Greenguard” and it is available in different colours and meets the requirements. The “Greenguard” contributes to a saving in costs, owing to the fact that less heat is lost and less interfering external influences. It is also possible to supply the “Greenguard” with a code lock, key switch, remote control for the forklift, magnetic lock, etcetera.

Technical details for automation Greenguard:

Voltage 230 V 1 phase 50 Hz
115 V 1 phase 60 Hz
Operation voltage 24 V low voltage
Opening speed adjustable from 50 – 800 mm/sec
Closing speed adjustable from 50 – 800 mm/sec
Operation You can choose from a pull cord, push button, infrared sensor and a remote control
Safety By means of a photo electronic cell in the doorpost, resistance on contra-pressure and by means of an emergency button on the control panel
Size of the box 115 mm x 120 mm, as a result of which there will be no concession in relation to the door opening